Quickly and Accurately Enforce Automotive Tint Laws.
The Tint-Chek is the accurate and reliable tool you need to get illegal tint off the streets.

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Tinted windows are illegal in many states due to the dangers that are associated with it. Illegal tint can inhibit eye contact with pedestrians and other drivers while making it very difficult to see at night. More importantly, it can even prevent law enforcement officials from seeing inside a car during traffic stops.

With very specific regulations regarding the amount of tint that can legally be applied, officers need an accurate and reliable tool to quickly determine compliance and ensure public safety.

The Tint-Chek, Tint-Chek+, and Tint-Chek PRO Tint Meters are the best tools to enforce automotive tint laws due to their build quality, useful features, cost effective price point, and all of the products are made in the USA.

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Why Choose the TC3800 Tint-Chek PRO from EDTM?


* Coin Cell Battery: Less Current Capacities at Lower Temperatures
** Made in China:  Electronics, Enclosure and Carry Case

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(Two-Piece Model)

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The Tint-Chek PRO (Model TC3800) offers a new two-piece design to test automotive windows, as well as flat glass applications.  The two-piece design includes:

Reflector Unit & Instrument Unit - Allows for testing of the windshield, as well as rear and side windows.

Increased Accuracy - Displays measurements to the nearest 0.1%, resulting in more accurate measurements.

Backlit Display - Ability to see results at night or indoors.

Battery Replacement - The TC3800 is powered with a 9-volt alkaline battery, which provides extremely long life. Battery is easy to find and replace!

Made in the USA unlike competing models.

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(Enhanced Model)

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The Tint-Chek + (Model TC2800) offers two significant enhancements over the base model:

Increased Accuracy
The meter displays measurements to the nearest 0.1% resulting in more accurate measurements.  This removes rounding errors that can occur in other models.

Backlit Display 
The meter's backlit display makes it possible to easily conduct tests in any lighting condition - a major advantage while testing car windows at night or indoors.

Made in the USA unlike competing models.

Click below for a short video overview of the
Tint-Chek +.

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TC2800 car smTC2800 testing a car window.


(Base Model)

TC1800 smQuickly identify illegal tint with the Tint-Chek (Model # TC1800) offered by EDTM.  The TC1800 measures Visible Light Transmittance of automotive glass and film. It has a rock-solid design including:

• Modern digital electronics
• No mechanical lever switches which
   can result in scratched glass.  
• Compact size with a 35% larger
   display than competing models
• Two NIST-Traceable calibration standards to verify the
   meter's accuracy
• Made in the USA unlike competing models

The Tint-Chek will be a convenient and reliable tool in your arsenal for years to come.  Click below for a short video overview.

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TC1800 carTC1800 testing a car window.